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18 September

YDC Playwright of the Week: Aleshea Harris

September 18

Aleshea Harris received a B.A. in General Theatre from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently an MFA Writing for Performance candidate at California Institute of the Arts. She has worked as a playwright, actor, poet and singer-songwriter in a number of different places. Ms. Harris developed Bag of Beans Productions as a vehicle for sharing and making art ( and is a proud Co-Founding Artistic Director of Blue Scarf Collective, an entity which strives to recognize the female perspective through production of their original work. With Blue Scarf, Aleshea’s plays Big Trick, Pussy Poets, Skin Trail and Babble/Babel were produced in the Tampa Bay area. In addition, Blue Scarf Collective was commissioned to write Faces Live: Reclamation, which was presented at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL in October 2011. Aleshea’s writings have been featured in the films Anatomy of Anger, (a collaboration with Art Not Hate founder Bob Barancik) and in the award winning short God of the Ground, (a collaboration with Roundhouse Creative’s Andy Lee). Her own solo play Oddlie, premiered at the Studio@620 in 2009 and went on to receive rave reviews at the Orlando Fringe Festival in 2010 and at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Aleshea’s full length play, Rip.Tied., premiered in 2012 at freeFall Theatre Company. Currently, Harris is developing new works at CalArts and seeking new ways to challenge herself and her community through conscious creation.

Read more about Aleshea Harris here.

Aleshea Harris

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1 June

2017-2018 Casting Call Days

June 1

The Yale Drama Coalition is pleased to announce the dates for the Coordinated Casting Call Days for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Casting Call Days for the 2017–2018 academic year are
Sunday, September 10, 12pm
Sunday, November 5, 12pm
Monday, December 11, 12pm
Sunday, January 28, 12pm

All productions wishing to utilize the YDC resources must fully participate in the Casting Cycle and need to contact the YDC president, Abbey Burgess and post their show on the YDC website at least one week before the scheduled time of the start of the Casting Call Day.

Auditions and callbacks may be held at the production team's convenience, but actors may not be offered roles until the start of the Casting Call Day. On this day, all production teams will begin their call process in a block or rooms reserved by the YDC where impartial YDC facilitators will be available if any casting conflicts arise. If actors are offered or pressured to accept roles before the given call date in a cycle, or are not given a reasonable grace period in which to make a decision, they can and should contact the Yale Drama Coalition Board.

A full description of the casting call day is available here and any questions can be directed to Abbey Burgess.

1 January

The 2017 Yale Drama Coalition Board

January 1

President: Abbey Burgess
Vice President: Josh Toro
Secretary: Lina Kapp
Treasurer: Danny Smooke
Publicity Chair: Cami Arboles
Yale School of Drama Liaison: Elaine Wang
Freshman Liaison: Tarek Ziad
Training & Career Coordinator: Erica Wachs
Development Officer: Carrie Mannino
Special Events Coordinators: Carlos Guanche, Zak Rosen
12 August

Website Disclaimer

August 12

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