Man of La Mancha

by Dale Wasserman, Mitch Leigh, and Joe Darion

The 2014 Commencement Musical

A prison cell. A beleaguered poet. An epic, unforgettable tale.

This is Miguel de Cervantes’ story of love, valor, madness, misadventure, and the triumph of the human imagination. Don Quixote comes to life in a sweeping and sultry musical adaption. Our knight errant vanquishes windmills and hopelessness, carries dishcloths with dignity, and pursues a shaving basin in the name of eternal glory.

On Commencement weekend, dare to dream THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

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May 16 at 8:00pm
May 17 at 2:00pm
May 17 at 8:00pm
May 18 at 8:30pm
@ Yale University Theatre
Show no longer running
There is a cost of admittance to this production.
Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
FerminaAnya Markowitz
MariaCatherine Chiocchi
Sancho (The Manservant)Chris Camp
PedroConor Bagley
The BarberDan Rubins
AntoniaEmma Hathaway
The Innkeeper (The Governor)Ian Miller
The HousekeeperLauren Modiano
AnselmoNathan Kohrman
AldonzaRebecca Brudner
JuanReed Morgan
The PadreSolon Snider
Don Quixote (Cervantes)Spencer Klavan
Dr. Carrasco (The Duke)Tim Creavin
Production Staff
DirectorEric Sirakian
ProducerDerek Braverman
Stage ManagerGabriella Heifetz
Musical DirectorPhilip Jameson
ChoreographerGracie White
Lighting DesignerLaurel German
Set DesignerCharlotte Newell
Sound DesignerChris Homburger
Costume DesignerLuz Lopez
Props DesignerBrooke Lamell
Master ElectricianHarry Shamansky
Technical DirectorRobert Loweth
Sound EngineerTyler Kieffer
DramaturgKyle Yoder
Head RiggerHannah Friedman
Paint ChargeEleanor Slota
Paint ChargeLidiya Kukova
Graphic DesignerLining Wang
Assistant DirectorGineiris Garcia
Assistant ProducerJill Carrera
Assistant ProducerBilly Cavell
Assistant ProducerLaurel Lehman
Assistant ProducerSam Levatich
Assistant Stage ManagerStephanie Addenbrooke
Assistant Stage ManagerDanielle Derlein
Assistant Stage ManagerMichaela Johnson
Assistant Stage ManagerNatalie Rose Schwartz
Assistant Musical DirectorTim Laciano
Assistant Lighting DesignerEliza Robertson
Associate Set DesignerSusannah Hyde
Assistant Costume DesignerSharon Welch
Associate Master ElectricianAva Hunt
Associate Technical DirectorMargaret Gleberman
Assistant Technical DirectorGreg Suralik
Assistant Head RiggerEliza Dach
MusicianPaige Breen
MusicianLevi Gray
MusicianBen Healy
MusicianJacob Neis
MusicianChristopher Peters
MusicianJeb Roberts
MusicianNishwant Swami
Lights CrewJavier Cienfuegos
Lights CrewMeredith Derecho
Lights CrewSophia Eller
Lights CrewEzriel Gelbfish
Lights CrewRhoni Gericke
Lights CrewAngela Henderson
Lights CrewRoger Pellegrini
Lights CrewJon Terry
Lights CrewCarina Thunell
Lights CrewEliza Scruton
Sets CrewGeoffrey Smith
Sets CrewStephanie Adcock
Sets CrewSarah Brownlee
Sets CrewEliza Dach
Sets CrewMarianna Gailus
Sets CrewJessica Hernandez
Sets CrewCourtney Hodrick
Sets CrewCharles Lehman
Sets CrewNora May
Sets CrewColleen McDermott
Sets CrewKellee Richards
Sound CrewBen Symons
Sound CrewElaine Zhang
General CrewDave Harris
General CrewAngela Pollard
General CrewSusannah Krapf