Spring Awakening

by Duncan Sheik & Steven Sater

Spring Awakening contains adult content, violence, and brief nudity and is recommended for mature audience only.
A German province, 1891. A world where beautiful young Wendla wonders where babies come from and where the fearless young Melchior is struck during Latin class for defending his buddy Moritz — a boy so traumatized by puberty he can't concentrate on anything. But one afternoon—away from the oppressive silence of their elders—Melchior and Wendla, once childhood friends, rediscover each other as young adults and awaken a desire that neither of them truly understand. As the teens struggle with their ever-changing feelings and their ever-silent parents they begin to discover a world wrought with complications they never thought possible.
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October 18 at 8:00pm
October 19 at 8:00pm
October 20 at 2:00pm
October 20 at 8:00pm
@ The Off Broadway Theater
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Production Staff
DirectorSamantha Pillsbury
ProducerEthan Karetsky
Stage ManagerIlana Scandariato
Musical DirectorAlex Ratner
Set DesignerEmily Monjaraz
Costume DesignerEmily Monjaraz
Technical DirectorAngeline Wang
Technical DirectorHenry Tisch
Lighting DesignerNikki Teran
Master ElectricianStuart Teal
ChoreographerLeah Chernoff
Sound EngineerKara Brower
Props MasterTiffany Chen
DramaturgGabrielle Hoyt-Disick
Graphic DesignerJoy Shan
MusicianBen Kline
MusicianZach Simao
MusicianElias Kleinbock
MusicianJeb Roberts
MusicianSudie James Simmons
MusicianBen Healy
MusicianJulian Drucker
Assistant DirectorIsaac Hudis
Assistant ProducerNailah Harper-Malveaux
Assistant ProducerTyler Erb
Assistant ProducerNatalie Punzak
Assistant Stage ManagerTabitha Spencer-Salmon
Assistant Stage ManagerGineiris Garcia
Assistant Stage ManagerValerie Eisenson
Assistant Stage ManagerSabrina Bleich
Assistant Lighting DesignerEmma Brennan-Wydra
Assistant Master ElectricianEli Block
Assistant Costume DesignerJoy Shan
Assistant Costume DesignerSumaya Ibraheem
Assistant Sound EngineerKevin Su
Assistant Musical DirectorJulian Drucker