The Trojan Women

by Caroline Bird, After Euripides

a play for our time

The Trojan War is over. Beyond the prison walls, Troy and its people burn.

Inside the prison, the city's captive women await their fate. Stalking the antiseptic confines of its mother and baby unit is Hecuba, the fallen Trojan Queen. Alongside her, Andromache, Cassandra, and Helen grapple with their pasts and futures. But their grief at what has passed will soon be drowned out by the horror of what is to come, as the Greek lust for vengeance consumes everything - man, woman, and child - in its path.

Raising questions about war, power, rape, sexuality, and violence against women, Caroline Bird's modern language adaptation of this Greek tragedy reveals that Euripides's themes and characters are as contemporary as ever.

Audience discretion is advised: The Trojan Women contains strong language, themes, and imagery--including nudity--that might be inappropriate for some audience members.

You are invited to join us after each performance for a post-show discussion.
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March 27 at 8:00pm
March 28 at 8:00pm
March 29 at 2:00pm
March 29 at 8:00pm
@ The Crescent Theater
Show no longer running
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HecubaChamonix Adams Porter
HelenEllie Boswell
The ChorusJill Carrera
TalthybiusBilly Cavell
AthenaCarol Crouch
AndromacheLizzy Emanuel
AthenaIsabella Giovannini
PoseidonSam Levatich
Trojan MotherCrystal Liu
CassandraAnya Markowitz
MenelausCarter Michael
Trojan DaughterNatalie Rose Schwartz
Production Staff
DirectorNoam Shapiro
ProducerKatie Stoops
Stage ManagerErin Ryan
DramaturgEve Houghton
Sound DesignerJanine Chow
Lighting DesignerIrina Gavrilova
Set DesignerClaire Williamson
Costume DesignerLuz Lopez
Assistant DirectorStephanie Addenbrooke
Assistant DirectorElaine Zhang
Assistant ProducerMichaela Johnson
Assistant Stage ManagerHannah Worscheh
Projections DesignerTravis Gonzalez
Makeup ArtistPatrick Verdier
Graphic DesignerIrina Gavrilova
Fight ChoreographerMike Rossmy
Sets CrewFilip Babalievsky
Sets CrewJonah Coe-Scharff
Sets CrewRyan Simpson
Lights CrewSophia Eller

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