by Monica Hannush

Exactly one year before her hospitalization, Serena stood by Mark on his birthday as he raged suicidal in the bathroom of their freshman dorm hallway, held from the window by Noah and Charlie. In bonding with Billy, another inpatient dealing with his own shit, she retraces her steps over the past year of manic peaks and desperate troughs in the company of her friends – exploring (and deciphering) what it is about this little world and its population that landed her where she is now.
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April 9 at 8:00pm
April 10 at 8:00pm
April 11 at 2:00pm
April 11 at 8:00pm
@ Morse Crescent Theater
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Production Staff
WriterMonica Hannush
DirectorAlex Cadena
ProducerSarah Sutphin
Stage ManagerDonald Woodson
Musical DirectorJulian Drucker
Music ComposerJulian Drucker
OrchestratorJulian Drucker
Lighting DesignerRayer Ma
Set DesignerJacob Rodriguez
Sound DesignerJonathon Cai
Projections DesignerTravis Gonzalez
Costume DesignerTaylor Jackson
DramaturgEve Houghton
Graphic DesignerAnne Jones
Props MasterBianca Kim
Props MasterCassidy Lapp
Makeup ArtistAlexa Derman
Assistant ProducerRebecca Karabus
Assistant Musical DirectorHayden Kline
General CrewGrant Swinton
General CrewSarah Heard
MusicianJeff Zhang
MusicianJack Lawrence
MusicianMax Vinetz
MusicianJulian Rosenblum
MusicianMeredith Derecho
MusicianZenas Han
MusicianCharlotte Herber
MusicianLuis Cartagenova