A Chorus Line

by James Kirkwood, Jr., Nicholas Dante, Ed Kleben, and Marvin Hamlisch


Why do we do the things we do? What sacrifices are we willing to make for the things we care about? What are the stakes?

From tape recorded sessions with real dancers emerged this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that explores the deepest levels of personal motivation. Like the performers in A Chorus Line, we all have dreams that come to define who we are. We all make choices that come with costs. We all look for our own music and our own mirrors.

Join us on Commencement Weekend as we tell the stories of these chorus line dancers, and learn about our own in the process.
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at skyler.ross@yale.edu
May 15 at 8:00pm
May 16 at 2:00pm
May 16 at 8:00pm
May 17 at 8:30pm
@ The University Theater
Show no longer running
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Richie WaltersCarter Michael
Bebe BenzenheimerJulia Ganley
Cassie FergusonRebecca Brudner
Connie McKenzieMichelle Fogarty
Diana MoralesErika Anclade
Judy TurnerMarianna Gailus
Kristine UrichHolly Taylor
Maggie WinslowEmma Hathaway
Sheila BryantLauren Modiano
Valerie ClarkSarah Chapin
LarryJillian Kravatz
Production Staff
DirectorAnya Markowitz
ProducerSkyler Ross
Stage ManagerGabriella Heifetz
Musical DirectorPhilip Jameson
ChoreographerGracie White
Lighting DesignerHarry Shamansky
Master ElectricianAva Hunt
Set DesignerHannah Friedman
Technical DirectorMargaret Gleberman
Head RiggerKevin Sullivan
Head RiggerPaul Styslinger
Paint ChargeSusannah Krapf
Sound DesignerDanielle Lotridge
Sound EngineerJoel Abbott
Costume DesignerCara Washington
Graphic DesignerEvelyn Robertson
Props DesignerBrooke Lamell
Props MasterLizzy Emanuel
DramaturgEleanor Slota
Associate Master ElectricianJill Carrera
Associate Technical DirectorJae Shin
Assistant DirectorSarah Cohen
Assistant ChoreographerEliza Dach
Assistant ProducerBilly Cavell
Assistant ProducerJessenia Khalyat
Assistant ProducerSteffina Yuli
Assistant Stage ManagerAndrew Schmidt
Assistant Stage ManagerSabine Decatur
Assistant Stage ManagerDonald Woodson
Assistant Stage ManagerErica Wachs
Assistant Lighting DesignerRayer Ma
Assistant Master ElectricianDanielle Derlein
Assistant Technical DirectorLidiya Kukova
Assistant Costume DesignerIsabel Mendia
Sound CrewChris Homburger
Sound CrewDave Harris
Sound CrewNick Friedlander
Sound CrewJoe Haberman
Sets CrewGrace Chiang
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MusicianJacob Neis
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MusicianAdé Ben-Salahuddin
MusicianMax Vinetz
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