Anna in the Tropics

by Nilo Cruz


A Cuban cigar factory in Florida, 1929. A "lector," or reader, arrives to entertain the workers with Anna Karenina while they hand-roll the cigars. But Tolstoy's novel about forbidden love unleashes their deepest, darkest desires. Meanwhile, the advent of cigar-rolling machines heralds the end of a tradition.

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WARNING: There will be a lit cigar onstage during this performance. Please be aware of possible exposure to cigar smoke.
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October 3 at 8:00pm
October 4 at 8:00pm
October 5 at 2:00pm
October 5 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Repertory Theatre
Show no longer running
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MarelaJessica Miller
ConchitaRebecca Brudner
OfeliaJuliana Canfield
PalomoIason Togias
Juan JulianFabian Fernandez
EliadesKerry Burke-McCloud
EnsembleConor Bagley
EnsembleStefani Kuo
EnsembleSkyler Ross
EnsembleZoe Huber-Weiss
Count Alexei Alexandrovich KareninHenry Gottfried
Anna Karenina Laurel Durning-Hammond
Count Alexei Kirillovich VronskyNathaniel Janis
EnsembleNaima Hebrail Kidjo
Musician/EnsembleJuliet Glazer
Musician/EnsembleHans Bilger
Musician/EnsembleDominic Coles
Musician/EnsembleMaya Averbuch
EnsembleAlexander Bailey
ChechéTim Creavin
SantiagoGabriel Christian
Production Staff
DirectorEric Sirakian
ProducerDouglas Streat
Stage ManagerMelanie Borinstein
Technical DirectorElif Erez
Lighting DesignerHarry Shamansky
Master ElectricianEli Block
Sound DesignerNick Baskin
Set DesignerDavid Shatan-Pardo
Costume DesignerJoy Shan
Props DesignerDonald Woodson
Projections DesignerMichael Lomax
Projections DesignerAsher Young
Sound EngineerTim Follo
Graphic DesignerVictoria Pierre
Musical DirectorDominic Coles
DramaturgIrene Casey
Lights CrewGeorge Saussy
Lights CrewAngela Henderson
Lights CrewAva Hunt
Lights CrewNikki Teran
Lights CrewStuart Teal
Lights CrewEmma Hills
Lights CrewJuliet Ryan
Lights CrewHannah Friedman
Lights CrewMikayla Harris
Lights CrewIolanda Delizzol
Lights CrewAzeez Belo-Osagie
Lights CrewDan Rubins
Lights CrewCorinne Kentor
Lights CrewZachary Elkind
Lights CrewEliza Robertson
Lights CrewMegan Mikenas
Lights CrewAsher Young
Lights CrewEzriel Gelbfish
Sound CrewZachary Elkind
Sound CrewXinyuan Chen
Sets CrewDavid Semenciuc
Sets CrewKaty Osborne
Sets CrewMaureen O'Hanlon
Sets CrewWells Thorne
Sets CrewPaul Freudenburg
Sets CrewBobby De La Rosa
Sets CrewTho Tran
Sets CrewAriel Flotte
Sets CrewKellee Richards
Paint ChargeElaine Zhang
Assistant DirectorGineiris Garcia
Assistant ProducerFrancisco Chomnalez
Assistant ProducerSusannah Hyde
Assistant ProducerLiza Lebedev
Assistant Stage ManagerNatalie Rose Schwartz
Assistant Stage ManagerMichaela Murphy
Assistant Costume DesignerSabrina Bleich