Architecture of Rain

by Stefani Kuo '17

The First Dramat 2016 Fall Ex

Architecture of Rain is a circular play set in a glass house of memory. It is a play about memory, and the fluidity and gravity of it. The cast is comprised of four Asian women, one mother and her three daughters. All-Grown-Up is the youngest sibling who has passed away in a car accident, and the three living women live with her absence. The story is about the loss of All-Grown-Up, and the secondary death of a loved one through memory. The play is a physical and emotional memorial, and one that anyone who has skimmed the surface of grief will recognize.

It is important to us that we recruit a team of primarily women and people of color, particularly of Asian descent (this encompasses any and all Asian identities!). As a team of primarily people of color, women, or both, it is a play we believe the Yale community needs and could learn from, as an example of what changes could be made to theatre and our part in change.

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October 6 at 8:00pm
October 7 at 8:00pm
October 8 at 2:00pm
October 8 at 8:00pm
@ Iseman Theater
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SolArya Sundaram
All-Grown-UpEvan Billups
ScyAllison Du
SilinaEmily Locke
Production Staff
WriterStefani Kuo
DirectorGregory Ng
ProducerAlexa Derman
Stage ManagerMaxine Dillon
Lighting DesignerNgan Vu
Master ElectricianAlice Yang
Sound DesignerHannah Friedman
Set DesignerHannah Kazis-Taylor
Costume DesignerTaylor Jackson
Props DesignerBianka Ukleja
Sound EngineerJulia Hobbie
Graphic DesignerLining Wang
DramaturgKit Lea Cheang
Hair ArtistGarima Singh
Assistant DirectorElaine Wang
Assistant Stage ManagerKarina Xie
Assistant Stage ManagerMonique Baltzer
Assistant Stage ManagerNatalie Wright
Assistant Lighting DesignerValerie Chen
Associate Costume DesignerElizabeth Morley
Associate Costume DesignerKatharine Wang
Associate Costume DesignerAlice Tirard
Associate Costume DesignerErin Choi
Associate Technical DirectorLeslie Wang
Associate Technical DirectorMatthew Derbin
Paint ChargeKatherine Oh
Assistant ProducerGillian Fu
Assistant ProducerAndrea Mosqueda
Assistant ProducerMichelle Liu
Lights CrewVarun Sah
Lights CrewClio Byrne-Gudding
Lights CrewConnor Duwan
Lights CrewMin Keun Chey
Lights CrewMatteo Rosati
Lights CrewSunny Miao
Lights CrewMinami Kurokami
Sets CrewVivian Dang
Sets CrewCassie Lignelli
Sets CrewAshlyn Oakes
Sets CrewEmma Pierce-Hoffman
Sets CrewAndrew Thavychith
Sets CrewLevi Truong
Sets CrewHafsa Abdi
Sound CrewConnor Halleck-Dube
Sound CrewKerry Burke-McCloud
Sound CrewTarek Ziad