Bunkerville: A Post-Apocalyptic Musical

by Mark Sonnenblick and Brendan Ternus

Singing survived the bombs.

With a book by Brendan Ternus and songs by Mark Sonnenblick, Bunkerville promises to be entirely written by the time it goes up. It involves Mutants, Love, Journalism, Friendship, Nuclear Winter, and other things that are easier to rhyme with.
Contact the Show
at emma.barash@yale.edu
April 1 at 8:00pm
April 2 at 7:00pm
April 2 at 10:00pm
April 3 at 8:00pm
@ Saybrook Underbrook
Show no longer running
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SteveMichael Young
DaggerDrew Westphal
EnsembleChris Lash
EnsembleAlexander Oki
EllenRachel LaViola
EnsembleRich Gilliland
EnsembleTom Sanchez
PeteStan Seiden
LindaYael Zinkow
EnsembleAd Walker
EnsembleDevon Martinez
EnsembleLiz Dervan
EnsembleLiba Vaynberg
Production Staff
DirectorEmma Barash
ProducerKaty Obr
Stage ManagerDeborah Garcia
Lighting DesignerCharlie Croom
Master ElectricianCharlie Croom
Sound DesignerTrevor Ford
Costume DesignerBea Koch
ChoreographerAri Berkowitz
Musical DirectorJohn-Michael Parker
Musical DirectorStephen Feigenbaum
WriterMark Sonnenblick
WriterBrendan Ternus
Assistant DirectorBrendan Ternus
Assistant ProducerJacob Paul
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