California Suite

by Neil Simon

Neil Simon's California Suite consists of four playlets, all of which take place in Suite 203-204 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "Visitor from New York" is about a divorced couple deciding if their daughter will live with her father in Los Angeles or her mother in New York. In "Visitor from Philadelphia," a man tries to hide his unconscious prostitute from his wife, with hilarious results. "Visitors from London" depicts a British Oscar-nominated actress and her gay husband before and after the awards ceremony. Lastly, "Visitors from Chicago" focuses on two couples who are best friends. Once one of the wives is injured on the tennis court, things quickly devolve into madness.
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April 18 at 8:00pm
April 19 at 8:00pm
April 20 at 2:00pm
April 20 at 8:00pm
@ Davenport-Pierson Auditorium
Show no longer running
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Millie/BethAnya Richkind
Billy/Sidney/StuGrant Fergusson
Marvin/MortConor Bagley
Hannah/Bunny/Diana/GertKatherine Paulsen
Production Staff
DirectorIsaac Hudis
ProducerHenry Tisch
Stage ManagerAngeline Wang
Lighting DesignerHarry Shamansky
Master ElectricianDouglas Streat
Sound DesignerChris Homburger
Set DesignerShoshana Bieler
Costume DesignerJoy Shan
Graphic DesignerEmily Monjaraz
Props MasterIlana Scandariato
DramaturgDan Rubins
Assistant DirectorSabrina Bleich
Assistant ProducerDavid McPeek
Assistant ProducerKyle Yoder
Assistant Stage ManagerCharlotte Newell
Assistant Props MasterJuliet Ryan