Dancing at Lughnasa

by Brian Friel

Set in the Irish County Donegal in 1936, the play follows the lives of five impoverished, unmarried women and explores the impact of their brother's return from Ugandan missionary work and intrusions made by one of the women's charming but unreliable former suitors. Filled with troubled yet relatable characters and poetic and insightful monologues, Dancing at Lughnasa explores themes of family, loneliness, the pursuit of a happier life, and the emotions at the core of human relationships.
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April 17 at 8:00pm
April 18 at 8:00pm
April 19 at 2:00pm
April 19 at 8:00pm
@ Nick Chapel
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Production Staff
DirectorConor Bagley
ProducerSusannah Hyde
Stage ManagerDanielle Derlein
Lighting DesignerAva Hunt
Master ElectricianEliza Robertson
Set DesignerSusannah Hyde
Costume DesignerEve Houghton
Props DesignerDonald Woodson
Sound DesignerJulian Hornik
ChoreographerNatalie Rose Schwartz
Graphic DesignerEvelyn Robertson
DramaturgKevin Dooney
Music ComposerGabriel Acheson
MusicianJuliet Glazer
Assistant Stage ManagerJilly Horowitz
Assistant ProducerSarah Holder
Assistant ChoreographerCharlotte Newell
Lights CrewLaurel Lehman
Sets CrewKate Pincus
Sets CrewCharlotte Newell
Sets CrewRobert Loweth
Sets CrewShoshana Bieler
Sets CrewDavid Shatan-Pardo