by Tom Eyen

Dreamgirls follows Deena, Effie, and Lorrell as their pursuit of music raises them to superstardom and forever changes the course of American music. Loosely based on the career of the Supremes, the show tracks the trio of young black singers as they work their way from talent shows to the national stage, against the backdrop of the Civil Rights era. Featuring hit songs like “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and “I Am Changing,” Dreamgirls is an energetic, joyful musical about fame, friendship, and the racial and gender politics of black music of the 60s.
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at ms1@yaledramat.org
November 15 at 8:00pm
November 16 at 8:00pm
November 17 at 2:00pm
November 17 at 8:00pm
November 18 at 8:00pm
@ University Theatre
Show no longer running
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Effie Melody WhiteAïssa Guindo
Curtis Taylor, Jr.Christopher Augustin
Deena JonesElayna Garner
Lorrell RobinsonAnita Norman
James "Thunder" EarlyAaron Marshall-Bobb
C.C. WhiteNick Brooks
Michelle MorrisNoelle Mercer
MartyMia Weathers-Fowler
M.C./WayneAngel Osorio Pizarro
Dave/Frank/Jerry Norman/Mr. MorganWilliam Galligan
Tiny Joe Dixon/Dwight/Security GuardKinsley McNulty
Stepp Sister/Tuxedo/Les StylesSaaya Sugiyama-Spearman
Stepp Sister/Little Alberta/Tuxedo/Les StylesSadé Kammen
Stepp Sister/TuxedoCarmen Clarkin
Joann/Edna Burke/Tru-Tone/Les StylesVimbai Ushe
Charlene/Tru-Tone/Tuxedo/Les StylesSaphia Suarez
Tru-Tone/Tuxedo/Les StylesTiffany Fomby
SweetheartSophia Morales
SweetheartAnelisa Fergus
Production Staff
DirectorRajendra Ramoon Maharaj
ProducerAdela DePavia
Stage ManagerAlexus Coney
Technical DirectorCat Edwards
Lighting DesignerCaitlin Smith Rapoport
Sound DesignerPaul Wilt
Set DesignerAlexander Woodward
Costume DesignerKennan Quander
Props DesignerChristiana Hart
Sound EngineerIzzy Scappaticci
Graphic DesignerMert Dilek
ChoreographerSanchel Brown
Musical DirectorTaylor Samuels
Orchestral DirectorCharlie Romano
Lights CrewAnnie Polish
Lights CrewTully Goldrick
Lights CrewMin Keun Chey
Lights CrewSeamus Houlihan
Lights CrewNoah Parnes
Lights CrewMerritt Barnwell
Lights CrewLizzie Goodman
Lights CrewZak Rosen
Lights CrewRyan Seffinger
Lights CrewNgan Vu
Lights CrewECR Chen-Ran
Lights CrewLydia Buonomano
Lights CrewSunny Miao
Sound CrewLily Gold
Sets CrewLiz Egler
Sets CrewDanielle Losos
Sets CrewMerritt Barnwell
Sets CrewSarah Young
Sets CrewMarilyn Mossien
Sets CrewClaire Carroll
Sets CrewPaige Davis
Sets CrewAeri Kim
General CrewSarah Young
General CrewMarlee Kelly
General CrewRyan Benson
General CrewGarima Singh
Paint ChargeClaudia Macri
Head RiggerCollin Bentley
Associate ProducerJoseph Bosco
Associate Costume DesignerTaylor Jackson
Associate Musical DirectorCharlie Romano
Associate Head RiggerJacob Rodriguez
Assistant DirectorMia Weathers-Fowler
Assistant ProducerMpiira Tabuti
Assistant ProducerGabrielle Poisson
Assistant Stage ManagerSarah Joo
Assistant Stage ManagerJoseph Bosco
Assistant Stage ManagerZainab Abiola Odunowo
Assistant Stage ManagerMarina Williams
Assistant Stage ManagerAlladia Patterson
Assistant Stage ManagerJesica Springer
Assistant Technical DirectorKristine Sungyeon Chung
Assistant Technical DirectorEli Baum
Assistant Lighting DesignerRyan Seffinger
Assistant Set DesignerMichaela Papallo
Assistant Costume DesignerRyan Howzell
Assistant Costume DesignerEren Kafadar
Assistant Sound EngineerDavid Townley
Assistant ChoreographerSarah Joo