Exception to the Rule

by Dave Harris '16

Winner of the 2015 Yale Playwrights Festival

"The Black Waiting for Godot"

Five high school students are stuck in detention on the Friday before a long weekend. They are all regulars in this system. Business is as usual until Erika, the college bound all-star of the worst high school in the city, shows up to her very first detention. As the play progresses, we learn why each of them has been sentenced to detention. We learn the rules of this place. How do you survive here? How do you avoid consequences? How do you stay safe? What do you do when the teacher doesn't even show up to detention?

In a show produced and cast entirely by people of color, Exception to the Rule attacks the issue of surviving in an institution that was not built for you. Maybe you smoke some weed in detention. Maybe you have some sex in detention. Maybe you study hard so that you can escape detention. Maybe you wait for something to change in detention. But no matter how we survive, maybe we're all stuck here together.
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November 5 at 8:00pm
November 6 at 8:00pm
November 7 at 2:00pm
November 7 at 8:00pm
@ Calhoun Cabaret
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MikaylaAshley Greaves
TommyNick Brooks
DayrinMarkus Reneau
DasaniAlexis Payne
AbdulRon Tricoche
Erika Lexi Butler
Intercom VoiceAnita Norman
Production Staff
DirectorDonald Woodson
WriterDave Harris
ProducerCrystal Liu
Stage ManagerYuni Chang
Lighting DesignerAl Nurani
Sound DesignerAlex Zhang
Props MasterGrace Alofe
Costume DesignerJessenia Khalyat
Graphic DesignerLiana Murray
Assistant Stage ManagerKarina Rodriguez Hilario