Girls In The Bathroom

by Michelle Mboya

A short 1-5min episode web series about what happens in the girls bathroom. From the bathroom of the club to the fanciest hotel bathroom, the show will explore all themes of womanhood, coming of age and how the bathroom is a safe (or not safe) space for girls. Ratchet, classy and all things in between, this is a dark comedy style series that will be aired on YouTube. We are hoping to shoot 5 episodes this semester. Looking for an ensemble of 5-6, confident, bold and unique girls. Not everyone will be in every episode but we are looking for a core cast to be the face of the project. We will shoot bi-monthly.
Note: Each episode shall be shot over the course of one day, in one location! See below for tech opportunities.
Contact the Show
December 4 at 7:00pm
@ Filmed in multiple locations
Show no longer running
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Production Staff
DirectorMichelle Mboya
ProducerVeronica Blitz
Stage ManagerLindiwe Mayinja
Costume DesignerCara Washington
Music ComposerEmil Ernström
Makeup ArtistAnne Jones
Associate ProducerPatrice Bowman

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