by Taylor Mac

"It used to be you could be a mediocre straight white man and be guaranteed a certain amount of success. But now you actually have to improve yourself. Because now … The darkies have come. And the spies. And the queers. And those backstabbing bitches waiting to get at the mediocre straight white man the minute it becomes known he is barely lifting a finger but thinking he is lifting the world" --Paige, Hir

When Isaac comes home after a dishonorable discharge from the Marines, he finds his home-life turned upside down. Max, who Isaac had always thought of as his sister, has come out as trans-masculine and genderqueer. Paige, his previously passive mother, has become a fanatic feminist who punishes Isaac's abusive father by giving him estrogen and dressing him as a clown. In the meanwhile, Isaac's father, Arnold, has lost his autonomy and is now only capable of grunts and inappropriate interjections.

Taylor Mac's critically acclaimed play (by The New York Times, Time Out, and The New Yorker) grapples with these complex issues of gender identity and roles by straddling the boundary between absurd and real. As the play alternates between hilariously comedic and viscerally disturbing, it gradually envelops these discussions of gender into broader conversations about America itself.

Audition information is now posted under the "Audition Information" tab--actors of all experience levels are welcome! Please keep in mind that as this play grapples with transgender representation, we would like to cast an actor who identifies as transgender and/or gender non-conforming to play the role of Max. Also, many production roles are still available; please contact Director and Producer Jack Lattimore at jack.lattimore@yale.edu if you have any questions or would like to be a part of the production team.
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