by Edwin Sanchez

The 2015 Dramat Spring Mainstage

Edwin Sanchez Icarus is the melancholy fairy tale of five dreamers who have fled or been exiled from the "real world" to a narrow strip of abandoned beach where they wrestle with whether or not to take one final shot at the happiness that just might kill them. The central players in this joyful tragedy are wheelchair-bound Primitivo, slowly dying of an unnamed disease but determined in what time he has left to achieve worldwide celebrity by swimming far enough into the ocean to reach up and touch the setting sun, and his self-appointed manager and fierce protector is his older sister, Altagracia, who wears the hideous deformities on her face as both a badge of honor and a shield. They are followed on their journey by the enigmatic Mr Ellis, toting a suitcase full of dreams and determinedly burying his own past. The precarious knife-edge balance of their world is upset by the arrival of Beau, a once-beautiful young man on the run from his past who wears a ski mask to conceal the terrible scars of car wreck that may have wounded him in much deeper places than just his face. The beach where these four collide is also home to the Gloria, who spent a few beautiful moments in the sun as a rising Hollywood star, only to be forgotten, passed over and exiled to a solitary existence where she waits for the one phone call that will restore her fading glory. The life-and-death comedy of these five nearly lost souls mingles the poetic with the mundane as they all grope their ways clumsily towards their own visions of touching the sun. At its heart, Icarus is a desperate song of joy played out on a narrow strip of land between the wreckage of all that has come before and the mingled hope and terror of what comes next. It is the sharp intake of breath before a wild leap into the unknown—in the place where all dreamers live.

If you are interested in working on the show, email the producer, Susannah Hyde, at susannah.hyde@yale.edu!
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February 18 at 8:00pm
February 19 at 8:00pm
February 20 at 8:00pm
February 21 at 2:00pm
February 21 at 8:00pm
@ The University Theater
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AltagraciaMarina Horiates
PrimitivoChristian Probst
Mr. EllisEric Sirakian
the GloriaMikayla Harris
BeauKyle Yoder
Production Staff
DirectorBrad Raimondo
ProducerSusannah Hyde
Stage ManagerLizzy Emanuel
Set DesignerChristopher Heilman
Lighting DesignerJoshua Rose
Costume DesignerCaitlin Cisek
Sound DesignerMark Van Hare
Props DesignerKate Pincus
Technical DirectorKellee Richards
Master ElectricianAva Hunt
Sound EngineerBen Symons
Paint ChargeSusannah Krapf
Head RiggerVivath Ly
Props MasterAlicia Lovelace
Hair ArtistKane Palacios
Graphic DesignerEvelyn Robertson
MusicianAlbert Cao
Associate Technical DirectorJae Shin
Associate Technical DirectorKevin Sullivan
Associate Master ElectricianJon Terry
Associate Projections DesignerEliza Robertson
Assistant DirectorKatie Kirk
Assistant Set DesignerJessica Alzamora
Assistant Lighting DesignerShannon Csorny
Assistant Costume DesignerJessenia Khalyat
Assistant Sound DesignerLilla Brody
Assistant Technical DirectorKate Pincus
Assistant Paint ChargeIsabella Trierweiler
Assistant ProducerGrace Shu
Assistant ProducerAlexa Derman
Assistant ProducerIsabella Giovannini
Assistant ProducerDamla Ozdalga
Assistant ProducerGrace Alofe
Assistant Stage ManagerLucas Riccardi
Assistant Stage ManagerElizabeth Kitt
Lights CrewKanano Ito
Lights CrewAriel Lowrey
Lights CrewRayer Ma
Lights CrewWissem Gamra
Lights CrewEli Block
Lights CrewCarina Thunell
Lights CrewLaurel German
Lights CrewRoger Pellegrini
Lights CrewHarry Shamansky
Lights CrewDouglas Streat
Lights CrewVarun Sah
Sets CrewMichelle Lapadula
Sets CrewJacob Rodriguez
Sets CrewRyan Reza
Sets CrewRyan Simpson
Sets CrewColleen McDermott
Sets CrewStephanie Adcock
Sets CrewKendra McCabe
Sets CrewEllie Handler
Sets CrewWooje Chang
Sets CrewSarah Brownlee
Sound CrewNoah Konkus
Sound CrewEva Branson
Sound CrewDanielle Lotridge
Sound CrewIsabel Mendia
Sound CrewGeorgia Smits
Sound CrewSarah Rose
General CrewHolly Robinson
General CrewKimberly Guo
General CrewMolly Williams