by José Rivera

A Senior Theater Studies Project in Directing for Gineiris Garcia

Marisol Perez.
White Collar Class.
Subway Down into the DANGEROUS BRONX and Childhood Home.
Guardian Angel who Closes the Door to Join the Revolution.
The War in HEAVEN.
Urban Wasteland.
Darkened Skies, Lost Flesh and Credit, Salt, Uzis, Angel Wings, an Ice Cream Cone, and an Angry Man with a Golf Club. No Moon or Stars.

An apocalyptic urban fantasy which urges society to "wake up" and somehow find a way to recover the long-lost and much-needed compassion for our fellow man, if we hope to save our world.

Trigger Warning: This play contains gunshots, attempted sexual violence, and strobe light effects.
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February 4 at 8:00pm
February 5 at 8:00pm
February 6 at 2:00pm
February 6 at 8:00pm
@ Whitney Theater
Show no longer running
Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
Man with Ice Cream/Scar TissueReed Bobroff
Woman with FursAja Faranda
JuneSofía Campoamor
Lenny/Man with Golf ClubEdward Columbia
Marisol Jill Carrera
Angel Taylor Jackson
Production Staff
DirectorGineiris Garcia
ProducerStefani Kuo
ProducerMichaela Johnson
Stage ManagerMichaela Johnson
Lighting DesignerTom Delgado
Sound DesignerChris Peters
Set DesignerRose Bochansky
Costume DesignerSarah Pearl Heard
Props DesignerBianka Ukleja
Sound EngineerHannah Friedman
Graphic DesignerClara Olshansky
Makeup ArtistLizzie Casey
DramaturgPeter Gray
Lights CrewGabrielle Roberts
Lights CrewMiles Walter
Sets CrewEmily Hays
Sets CrewHannah Kazis-Taylor
Sets CrewJill Carrera
Sets CrewRyan Simpson
Sets CrewTommy Tang
Sets CrewKarina Rodriguez Hilario
Sets CrewElizabeth Spenst
Sets CrewEva Branson
Sets CrewJ. Simms
Sets CrewIsabel Mendia
General CrewRomán Castellanos-Monfil
General CrewKyra Riley
General CrewMatthew Kegley
General CrewCrystal Liu
Assistant DirectorAnita Norman
Assistant Stage ManagerSusan Yassky
Assistant Stage ManagerSarah Sutphin
Assistant Lighting DesignerNgan Vu
Assistant Sound DesignerMichaela Johnson

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