by Tommy Bazarian (adapted from the short story by George Saunders)

A Senior Project in American Studies

"Carolyn...what will even be the point of my love for you, if I lose the ability to profess it? I do not want to only speak of my love in grunts! If I want to describe my love for you...if I want to say like Carolyn, you know that RE/MAX one where as the redhead kid falls asleep holding that Teddy bear rescued from the trash, the bear comes alive and winks, and the announcer goes, 'Home is the place where you find yourself suddenly no longer longing for home'—if I want to say Carolyn, Carolyn 34451 for RE/MAX, check it out, this is the feeling I feel for you...well then I want to say that!"

Jon follows a young man and a young woman who have spent their lives inside of a dystopian facility that raises humans to serve in focus groups for new products. These individuals are bred to be the purest consumers imaginable, transitioning through different demographics as they age, and while the facility tries hard to pamper them and shower them with celebrity, everything they know of the world comes from advertisements, test-products, and educational videos. Associations from the world outside the facility are beyond their grasp, so they are forced to lean upon the artifacts of a spoon-fed commercial culture in order to make sense of their inner lives.

Jon explores the fallout of falling in love, raising red flags, and demanding authenticity inside an emotional vacuum.
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February 20 at 8:00pm
February 21 at 2:00pm
February 21 at 8:00pm
@ Calhoun Cabaret
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JonTommy Bazarian
CarolynAlyssa Miller
Mr. SlippenAri Zimmet
Mr. DoveKameron Hutchinson
DoreenElizah Stein
Production Staff
DirectorJacob Osborne
ProducerAlison Mosier-Mills
Set DesignerDavid Shatan-Pardo
Costume DesignerIvy Sanders Schneider
Projections DesignerJohn Chirikjian
Projections DesignerCaleb Madison
Lighting DesignerConnor Szostak
Master ElectricianLeah Osterman
Props DesignerAlicia Lovelace
Sound DesignerJanine Chow
Graphic DesignerDavid Shatan-Pardo
Assistant DirectorGian-Paul Bergeron
Assistant DirectorChelsea Watson
Assistant Stage ManagerAnna-Sophie Harling
WriterTommy Bazarian
Sets CrewTim Caradonna
Sets CrewAlicia Vargas-Morawetz
Sets CrewColin Dunn
Sets CrewSampada KC
Sets CrewSkyler Inman
Sets CrewSarah Holder
Sets CrewNatalia Salinas
Sets CrewIhna Mangundayao
Sets CrewPablo Uribe

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