The Last of the Maple Leaves

by Alcindor Leadon

The highways lie waste. The wayfaring man ceases. He has broken the covenant. He has despised the cities. He regards no man.

In response to the attacks on the World Trade Center, an acerbic, leftist psychic moves with his children from New York to rural Ontario, where his precocious elder son tests his patience.

This production contains vulgar language, unpatriotic dialogue, and material relating to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The views expressed by the fictional characters do not reflect those of the actors, the author, or anyone else involved. Viewer discretion is advised.
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April 22 at 8:00pm
April 23 at 8:00pm
April 24 at 8:00pm
@ Morse-Stiles Crescent Underground Theater
Show no longer running
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Holy PedestrianSean Sullivan
Ashton H. Peck IVNoah Konkus
Saber-Blade SlayerJay Majumdar
Jennifer ReynoldsDanny Smooke
Production Staff
WriterAlcindor Leadon
DirectorAlcindor Leadon
ProducerWissem Gamra
Stage ManagerLaurence Li
Lights CrewAriel Lowrey
Lights CrewAva Ghezelayagh
Makeup ArtistDanny Smooke
General CrewAnna Wane
General CrewCollum Freedman
Graphic DesignerLining Wang