Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare

The First 2012 Dramat Fall Ex

Measure for Measure is Shakespeare's most provocative and paranoiac play, a portrait of a city in turmoil thanks to its citizens' unruly desires and its rulers' oppressive hypocrisy. When the Duke of Vienna turns over his authority to his strict and severe deputy, a young woman on the cusp of entering a convent must challenge the powers-that-be to save her brother's life. A panoply of comedic characters from Vienna's underbelly round out this vivid, voluptuous, politically-charged morality tale.
The Dramat is proud to present a remarkable Shakespearean thriller about characters who live and die at the intersection of power, lust, and mercy.
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September 27 at 8:00pm
September 28 at 8:00pm
September 29 at 2:00pm
September 29 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Reperatory Theatre
Show no longer running
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ProvostOtis Blum
PompeyAlexander Oki
Mistress Overdone, Friar Peter, ServantMiranda Rizzolo
IsabellaLucy Fleming
Angelo, BarnadineMitchel Kawash
Mariana, Second Gentleman, Officer, JusticeLucie Ledbetter
DukeIason Togias
Claudio, ElbowKyle Yoder
Juliet, Francisca, FrothCatherine Chiocchi
Escalus, AbhorsonBJ White
LucioClio Contogenis
Friar Thomas, First Gentleman, Officer, LordLeonard Thomas
Production Staff
DirectorAlexi Sargeant
ProducerDerek Braverman
Stage ManagerPek Shibao
Technical DirectorStephanie Adcock
Lighting DesignerJavier Cienfuegos
Master ElectricianMonica Ague
Sound DesignerJuliet DeButts
Set DesignerJonah Coe-Scharff
Costume DesignerMarisa Kaugars
Props DesignerAllie Mandeville
Projections DesignerJeffrey Star
Sound EngineerNick Baskin
Graphic DesignerMax Pommier
Hair ArtistMarisa Kaugars
Makeup ArtistMarisa Kaugars
DramaturgRachel Barnas
Lights CrewAlex Shiarella
Lights CrewJacob Reske
Lights CrewJulian Wise
Sound CrewMark Moore
Sound CrewKevin Su
Sets CrewZeke Blackwell
Sets CrewJessica Hernandez
Sets CrewDavid McPeek
Sets CrewConor Bagley
Sets CrewGabriella Heifetz
Sets CrewMaureen O'Hanlon
Sets CrewAngeline Wang
Sets CrewHarry Shamansky
Sets CrewShoshana Bieler
General CrewKyle Yoder
General CrewEmma Hills
General CrewSarah Yazji
Paint ChargeKarolina Ksiazek
Scenic ArtistConor Bagley
Scenic ArtistAngeline Wang
Scenic ArtistAutumn Von Plinsky
Scenic ArtistDavid Tam
Scenic ArtistJessica Hernandez
Scenic ArtistIsa Qasim
Scenic ArtistAlexa Chandler
Assistant DirectorCorinne Kentor
Assistant ProducerSteffina Yuli
Assistant ProducerAllie Mandeville
Assistant ProducerMeredith Redick
Assistant Stage ManagerAngeline Wang
Assistant Stage ManagerEleanor Michotte
Assistant Stage ManagerConor Bagley
Assistant Lighting DesignerHarry Shamansky
Assistant Master ElectricianCharles Lehman
Assistant Costume DesignerEllen Su
Assistant Props DesignerErin Ryan
Assistant Sound EngineerDouglas Streat
Assistant Paint ChargeShoshana Bieler