by Will Eno


People are born, people die, but those are just two events; the really interesting stuff is in the middle. We all have our stories: of families, of listening to music, of rainy mornings, sunny afternoons, good times, bad times, and times in between. Welcome to Middletown, where we come to realize that our lives aren't all that different from others, whether they are our neighbors, our loved ones, or complete strangers. People come, people go, but our stories stick around.
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at henry.tisch@yale.edu
October 10 at 8:00pm
October 11 at 8:00pm
October 12 at 2:00pm
October 12 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Repertory Theatre
Show no longer running
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John DodgeChristopher Bakes
Mrs. SwansonMarina Horiates
CopLeonard Thomas
Librarian, AuntAnya Richkind
Mechanic, GregKendrick Kirk
Public Speaker, Tour Guide, Freelancer, Landscaper, JanitorSimone Policano
Male Tourist, Man, Male Doctor, AttendantDave Harris
Female Tourist, Woman, Female Doctor, Attendant 2Ali Viterbi
SweetheartLily Shoretz
Production Staff
DirectorKyle Yoder
ProducerHenry Tisch
Stage ManagerAngeline Wang
Set DesignerShoshana Bieler
Lighting DesignerHillary Luong
Sound DesignerChris Homburger
Costume DesignerMarisa Kaugars
Music ComposerTim Laciano
Technical DirectorRobert Loweth
Master ElectricianJavier Cienfuegos
Sound EngineerKevin Su
Props MasterNatalie Punzak
Paint ChargeCharlotte Newell
Graphic DesignerEmily Monjaraz
Hair ArtistCharlotte Juergens
Makeup ArtistCharlotte Juergens
Associate Technical DirectorVivath Ly
Assistant DirectorIrina Gavrilova
Assistant Set DesignerXinyuan Chen
Assistant Lighting DesignerAva Hunt
Assistant Master ElectricianEzriel Gelbfish
Assistant ProducerSteffina Yuli
Assistant ProducerAlicia Lovelace
Assistant ProducerBrittany Stollar
Assistant ProducerVidya Sethu
Assistant ProducerLeah Salovey
Assistant Stage ManagerJill Carrera
Assistant Stage ManagerMichael Gu
Assistant Stage ManagerIsabella Giovannini
Assistant Hair ArtistEmily Hays
Assistant Makeup ArtistEmily Hays
Assistant Hair ArtistAnya Markowitz
Assistant Makeup ArtistAnya Markowitz
Sets CrewElizabeth Zhang
Sets CrewLaurence Li
Sets CrewSandra Medrano
Sets CrewColleen McDermott
Sets CrewDerwin Aikens
Sets CrewEleanor Slota
Sets CrewGreg Suralik
Sets CrewHannah Friedman
Sets CrewKellee Richards
Sets CrewLidiya Kukova
Sets CrewKamaria Greenfield
Sets CrewSusannah Krapf
Sets CrewMargaret Gleberman
Lights CrewDouglas Streat
Lights CrewRaphael Leung
Lights CrewEliza Robertson
Lights CrewHarry Shamansky
Lights CrewEli Block
Lights CrewZachary Elkind
Lights CrewSamantha Lichtin
Lights CrewRoger Pellegrini
Lights CrewClio Contogenis
General CrewYanglin Cai
General CrewHall Rockefeller
General CrewMargaret Gleberman
General CrewZoe Huber-Weiss
Sound CrewLaurence Li
MusicianPaige Breen
MusicianCaleb Small
MusicianTyler Pearson