A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

The Bard's most iconic comedy

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of the most popular plays in the history of the performing arts, has delighted, confounded, titillated, and transported audiences since its original Elizabethan staging. A whimsical romp through the woods? A freewheeling celebration of randomness over reason? A psychosexual plunge into the twisty realms of desire and identity? Or a bit of all three?

The Yale Dramatic Association’s giddy interpretation of this world classic promises a Midsummer like you’ve never seen it before, as bracing and contradictory as the landscape of your own dreams. Grand and intimate, hilarious and heartbreaking, wise and utterly absurd, this production reunites you with your favorite bands of dreamers: the rude mechanicals, hastily rehearsing their epic new play; the four lovers, primed for a quarrel that would trump the wildest of high school showdowns; and Oberon and Titania, eager to take their fairy grudges a little too far. Don’t miss this spirited pageant of the things we only dare imagine once we’re deep asleep.

February 19th-22nd in the Yale University Theater!

NOTE: This production uses strobe and hazer effects.
Contact the Show
at chris.homburger@yale.edu
February 19 at 8:00pm
February 20 at 8:00pm
February 21 at 8:00pm
February 22 at 2:00pm
February 22 at 8:00pm
@ The University Theater
Show no longer running
Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
Production Staff
DirectorStephen Kaliski
ProducerChris Homburger
Stage ManagerCorinne Kentor
Technical DirectorRobert Loweth
Lighting DesignerChristina Watanabe
Master ElectricianHarry Shamansky
Sound DesignerMatt Sherwin
Set DesignerJason Sherwood
Costume DesignerMarisa Kaugars
Sound EngineerAdam Salberg
Graphic DesignerRebecca Sylvers
Props MasterSusannah Hyde
DramaturgDan Rubins
Lights CrewJuliet Ryan
Lights CrewEliza Robertson
Lights CrewSamantha Lichtin
Lights CrewAva Hunt
Lights CrewLaurel German
Lights CrewSophia Eller
Lights CrewAngela Chen
Lights CrewEli Block
Lights CrewAzeez Belo-Osagie
Lights CrewStuart Teal
Lights CrewNikki Teran
Sets CrewHenry Tisch
Sets CrewGeoffrey Smith
Sets CrewLidiya Kukova
Sets CrewCharles Lehman
Sets CrewMackenzie Adelberg
Sets CrewAllex Desronvil
Sets CrewNatalie Sheng
Sets CrewThao Do
Sets CrewIrene Chung
Sets CrewAlexi Sargeant
Sets CrewHannah Friedman
Sets CrewGabby Bucay
General CrewJamila Tyler
General CrewSkyler Inman
General CrewEve Houghton
General CrewKatrina Yin
General CrewShi Meng Xu
General CrewCaitlin Purdome
General CrewCaroline Kenner
General CrewJessenia Khalyat
General CrewIvy Sanders Schneider
Paint ChargeBrooke Lamell
Head RiggerVivath Ly
Associate Technical DirectorElif Erez
Associate Technical DirectorCharlotte Newell
Associate Master ElectricianDouglas Streat
Assistant DirectorIrina Gavrilova
Assistant ProducerMichael Gu
Assistant ProducerLaurel Lehman
Assistant ProducerKate Pincus
Assistant ProducerHannah Worscheh
Assistant ProducerLeah Salovey
Assistant ProducerJill Carrera
Assistant ProducerEzriel Gelbfish
Assistant Stage ManagerBrendan Hopkins
Assistant Stage ManagerSarah Holder
Assistant Stage ManagerAlex Alcala
Assistant Stage ManagerDanielle Derlein
Assistant Technical DirectorLeyla Levi
Assistant Technical DirectorDavid McPeek
Assistant Technical DirectorXinyuan Chen
Assistant Master ElectricianRoger Pellegrini
Assistant Sound DesignerBen Symons
Assistant Set DesignerShoshana Bieler
Assistant Costume DesignerZoe Huber-Weiss

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