by Sarah Ruhl (adapted from the novel by Virginia Woolf)

The 2017 Dramat Freshmen Show

Orlando is the original itinerant poet, a young wordsmith in Queen Elizabeth’s court who travels not through space but time. Over four centuries, Orlando, along with a vibrant chorus, endeavors to reconcile competing personal identities, to survive the rapid metamorphosis of Europe, and, above all, to tell a story. The deep sentiment and gorgeous lyricism of this Virginia Woolf adaptation teach us that every human is a study in complexity.
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April 6 at 8:00pm
April 7 at 8:00pm
April 8 at 2:00pm
April 8 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Repertory Theatre
Show no longer running
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OrlandoMadi Cupp-Enyard
SashaJacqueline Blaska
Queen ElizabethNurit Chinn
Archduchess HarrietJack McAuliffe
MarmadukeWilliam Galligan
Clorinda et al. Carlos Guanche
Favilla et al. Mia Fowler
Euphrosyne et al. Juliette Neil
Production Staff
DirectorAparna Nair-Kanneganti
ProducerLiana Van Nostrand
Stage ManagerNeil Goodman
Technical DirectorHafsa Abdi
Lighting DesignerSunny Miao
Master ElectricianMohammed Akam
Sound DesignerJay Son
Set DesignerLina Kapp
Costume DesignerEren Kafadar
Sound EngineerBranson Rideaux
Graphic DesignerJulia Hedges
Props MasterSolia Hoegl
Hair ArtistGarima Singh
Makeup ArtistChristina Pao
Lights CrewMax Golden
Lights CrewLauren Lee
Lights CrewZulfiqar Mannan
Lights CrewMark Rosenberg
Sound CrewCasey Odesser
Sets CrewMarlee Kelly
Sets CrewChrissy Hart
Paint ChargeMichaela Papallo
Associate Stage ManagerChristina Figlus
Associate Stage ManagerJoseph Bosco
Assistant DirectorElaine Wang
Assistant ProducerSoledad Tejada
Assistant ProducerPayson Whitwell
Assistant Lighting DesignerConnor Duwan
Assistant Costume DesignerGabrielle Rivera
Assistant Costume DesignerRyan Howzell
Assistant Makeup ArtistElizabeth Bruce