I'm From Outer Space

by Tim Duncheon '10

Jason's problems are pretty unusual, but that makes sense, because he’s from Outer Space. His dad doesn't let him drive the spaceship very often, his parents use mind weapons when they fight, and his alien friends don't have any facial features. Fortunately, though, he has a lot more perspective than regular Earth kids. But as he gets ready to leave his home and his girlfriend to go abroad for the first time, Jason begins to realize that saying goodbye to the people you love and finding what you're meant to do are hard no matter who you are… and where you're from.
*THE RUN-TIME OF THIS SHOW IS 60 MINUTES.* The perfect amount of time for a quick diversion, or a delicious appetizer before another show! It's fun, light, meaningful, and snappy. A great show for veteran theater-goers and those who have never seen a play before.
Contact the Show
at moses.balian@yale.edu
February 17 at 8:00pm
February 18 at 7:00pm
February 19 at 8:00pm
@ Calhoun Cabaret
Show no longer running
Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
Robert, Tom, Clark, and othersAlex Steiner
JasonJosh Stein
Carol, Billy, Whitehead, and othersKatharine Pitt
AnnieMargot Mellette
Production Staff
DirectorMoses Balian
ProducerAli Viterbi
Lighting DesignerSunny Chung
Graphic DesignerDavid Lim
House ManagerAnnie Barry