Prelude to Everything Else

by Brian Orozco

Yale Dramatic Association Spring Ex

A mother and a son find themselves in their beach home in Cannon Beach, Oregon one late autumn afternoon. Both having lost significant others, they figure out how to cope with their own immensely different kinds losses while supporting the other in mourning. They share intimate, awkward, and relatable stories in an attempt to make sense of their pain. They reveal great parallels between the different relationships at hand and revitalize their stale relationship on the way. They find a way on.

Written by Brian Orozco (ES '18), this is a play about relationships, both familial and romantic. It draws upon themes of gender, race, and age through vignettes of memories, conversations, musical performances, and dance. The play's affective qualities are predicated almost entirely on musical and aesthetic elements that, when combined with acting and movement, aim to recreate the beautiful intricacies and complications of relationships.
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March 29 at 8:00pm
March 30 at 8:00pm
March 31 at 2:00pm
March 31 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Repertory Theater
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MomEmma Healy
SonTarek Ziad
JosefinaAllison Chen
Production Staff
DirectorJacob Rodriguez
ProducerMichelle Lapadula
ProducerZoot Garbasz
WriterBrian Orozco
DramaturgCallie Fosburgh
Lighting DesignerEvan Smith
Set DesignerLizzie Goodman
Technical DirectorEllie Handler
Projections DesignerCollin Bentley
Projections DesignerHenry Townley
ChoreographerSarah Joo
Music ComposerTom Gurin
Paint ChargeLauren Tucker
Head RiggerNeil Goodman
Associate DirectorBrian Orozco
Assistant ProducerSam Bennett
Assistant Technical DirectorLiz Egler
Assistant Technical DirectorRobbie Skoronski
Sound EngineerJacob Miller
Sets CrewFernando Rojas
Sets CrewJack Hilder
Sets CrewAdam Lowet
Sets CrewCole Addonizio
Sets CrewMerritt Barnwell
Sets CrewAnnie Polish
Lights CrewSara Harris
Lights CrewHannah Block
Lights CrewEliza Robertson

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