the river don't flow by itself no more

by Klara Wojtkowska

"the river don’t flow by itself no more" paints the broken world of the Mexican-American border, where Coyote, the traditional protector of the land, guards the entrance of his enchanted desert, and waits for the salvation promised in the coming of the Desert Prophets. Various characters act as instigators of the alarming changes in the environment, threading through the landscape in unexpected ways. the river don’t flow by itself no more flips the United States upside-down, and, through the poetry of every-day language and stories, shows us a world where nothing makes sense – a world chillingly reminiscent of the one we live in.
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January 24 at 8:00pm
January 25 at 8:00pm
January 26 at 8:00pm
@ Nick Chapel
Show no longer running
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Ex-Adventist (et. al)Danielle Bainbridge
unwanted kid (et. al)Mariana Lopez-Rosas
CoyoteAri Fernandez
Heroin Addict (et. al)Lila Ann Dodge
Hitchhiker Klara Wojtkowska
Ex-Prophet (et. al)Xavier Buxton
Schizophrenic (et. al)Ronald Apuzzo
Activist (et. al)Luz Lopez
Sleazy Politician (et. al)Cosima Cabrera
Production Staff
DirectorKlara Wojtkowska
ProducerCosima Cabrera
Lighting DesignerChris Melendez
Sound EngineerChris Melendez
Graphic DesignerKatherine Hindley
WriterKlara Wojtkowska
Assistant DirectorCosima Cabrera
Assistant Lighting DesignerRomán Castellanos-Monfil
Assistant Sound DesignerRomán Castellanos-Monfil