by Alexa Derman

Fifteen-year-olds Windy and Marti have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Marti knows everything there is to know about being a teenage girl, and Windy is eager to learn it all. One thing Marti doesn’t know, though, is how to be a celebrity of American Girl Instagram, which Windy is excellent at, from posting pictures of her dolls to making YouTube videos of her purchases. Her celebrity is enough to capture the notice of AGBOI97, a cute (and male) older ‘grammer who quickly becomes Windy’s confidante and AG-roleplaying buddy. Loving AG is babyish and dumb and totally embarrassing until it leads you to sexting a college student, and then it’s -- what, exactly? Based on the real-life world of American Girl Instagram celebs, Girlish (by Alexa Derman '18) is an unapologetically feminine take on growing up and growing apart. The play touches on Big Important Themes like burgeoning (queer?) sexuality, constructions of femininity, and conceptions of race, but it avoids being About Any Single Big Theme; it's lovely and uncertain in its exploration of the complexities that come with entering adulthood. We highly encourage anyone at all theatre-inclined, regardless of your level of experience, to contact producer Gillian Fu! We are especially seeking female and femme-identifying folks to come join our team and make some gay, girly theatre with us.
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October 5 at 8:00pm
October 6 at 8:00pm
October 7 at 2:00pm
October 7 at 8:00pm
@ Iseman Theatre
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Production Staff
WriterAlexa Derman
DirectorJacqueline Blaska
ProducerGillian Fu
Stage ManagerJoseph Bosco
Lighting DesignerConnor Duwan
Set DesignerAdam Lessing
Props DesignerAdam Lessing
Costume DesignerElizabeth Morley
Sound DesignerTessa Murthy
Technical DirectorAshlyn Oakes
Sound EngineerBranson Rideaux
ChoreographerMadi Cupp-Enyard
Graphic DesignerBeatrix Archer
Hair ArtistGarima Singh
Makeup ArtistChristina Pao
Master ElectricianRyan Seffinger
Projections DesignerConnor Duwan
Assistant DirectorMikaela Boone
Assistant Stage ManagerChris West
Assistant ProducerClara Montgomery
Assistant Set DesignerLiz Egler
Assistant Costume DesignerGrace Cheung
Paint ChargeSarah Ludwin-Peery
Sets CrewPaige Davis
Sets CrewIvory Fu
Sets CrewMax Wilson
Sets CrewZach Lee
Sets CrewClaire Grimmett
Sets CrewYasmin Alamdeen
Lights CrewSam Brakarsh
Lights CrewEmma Levine
Lights CrewTully Goldrick
Lights CrewCristina Otero
Lights CrewJake Moses
Lights CrewAnnie Polish