Humpster Dumpster

by Lane Unsworth

Assorted and unrelated sketches for an assorted and unrelated audience

What do an annoying nighttime fruit salesman, a gassy psychiatric patient, a store that's convenient....very convenient, Humpty Dumpty's deadbeat brother, friends who lick lobsters, a dismembered baby, and a couple of Google interns have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, except they're all in this show.

Humpster Dumpster is a collection of original comedy sketches in a production that's sure to take the audience through a whirlwind of plots and premises because the sketches contain plots and premises, among other things. The cast will be a one-time comedy troupe of sorts where each person will play multiple characters throughout the show.
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March 1 at 8:00pm
March 2 at 8:00pm
March 3 at 2:00pm
March 3 at 8:00pm
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Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
Production Staff
DirectorLane Unsworth
ProducerAlec Mukamal
WriterLane Unsworth
Associate WriterMatt Thekkethala

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