The Taming of the Shrew

by William Shakespeare

A Senior Project in English for Kate Pincus and Miranda Rizzolo
A harried father, a sexy sister, a money-grubbing groom, and a bride who wishes she were anything but—taken at face value, Shakespeare’s THE TAMING OF THE SHREW has all the ingredients of a mediocre rom com. Yet this same play, despite its comic tone and allegedly happy ending, has been labeled as one of Shakespeare’s most troubling works. After all, its central plot—the subjugation of a previously strong, rebellious, and independent woman—relies on such antiquated ideas about gender as to appear nothing short of offensive and misogynistic. To adhere to this intensely negative view of SHREW, however, is to pay attention to the play’s reputation, rather than its text. The story of Petruchio and Kate is not one of a brutish man debasing a powerless woman, but rather a love story that plays by its own rules, instead of those defined by society. Only by putting aside our preconceptions about what does and does not define love can we comprehend, or even enjoy, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.
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KateMiranda Rizzolo
PetruchioBen Symons
GrumioLauren Modiano
BiancaMarianna Gailus
LucentioLaurence Bashford
TranioIvan Kirwan-Taylor
Baptista (et al.)William Viederman
Gremio (et al.)Stefani Kuo
Hortensio (et al.)Miles Walter
Production Staff
DirectorGabrielle Hoyt-Disick
ProducerKate Pincus
Stage ManagerKane Palacios
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Costume DesignerEmma Spence
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Props MasterIlana Scandariato
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