Still Life

by Zeke Blackwell

one stage two grapes

Donald and Orley are two grapes. Sometimes, they say things like this:
"We haven’t got a whole lot going for us, Donald. We’re stationary, small, round pieces of fruit, near the bottom of the food chain. So what do we have? Community. Our words. Our thoughts. And pardon the pun, but they can begin to sour if we don’t watch them. So, why not laugh?"
"What is there to laugh at?"
"Anything you like."
Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they joke. Sometimes they debate. Sometimes they swing. Sometimes, they say things like this:
"Wouldn't we as grapes be in constant danger?"
"It's a very small cat. Very cute."
"Miniature cats. I like this."
Sometimes they sing. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they yell. Sometimes, they say things like this: 
"I’m the second grape. That is, if we count you as the first. But I suppose that’s an arbitrary numbering system. So we’ll say I’m your other grape. Everybody needs another grape."
And you know? Sometimes they're right.
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@ Calhoun Cabaret
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Grape 2Tommy Bazarian
Grape 1Gabe Greenspan
Production Staff
DirectorMolly Houlahan
ProducerIva Velickovic
Stage ManagerEmily Miller
Lighting DesignerEmma Brennan-Wydra
Costume DesignerChristine Shaw
Costume DesignerMary Bolt
Graphic DesignerAustin Lan
WriterZeke Blackwell
Scenic ArtistJustine Appel
Assistant DirectorEliana Kwartler