by Alexa Derman

Something is amiss at Yale University. Female students are disappearing at alarming rates, only to be later found stuffed in discount mini-fridges and hacked to pieces. Meanwhile, a new freshman is pretty sure there’s something up with the guy she met at Woads last night – surely there’s no chance that he’s a misogynistic murderer with a sharp-tongued Yale senior held captive in his closet, right? Come make radical feminist theatre with us.
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April 19 at 8:00pm
April 20 at 8:00pm
April 21 at 8:00pm
@ Nick Chapel Theater
Tickets not yet available, check back soon!
Patrons should arrive at the theater 15 minutes before the performance to claim their reservation. At the scheduled performance time, patrons will be let in off of the waitlist based on when they signed up on the YDC website. Patrons with reservations arriving after this time will be treated as if they are at the top of the waitlist. Please see the full policy here.
Production Staff
WriterAlexa Derman
DirectorMikaela Boone
Stage ManagerAlexus Coney
Set DesignerMolly Ono
Costume DesignerElizabeth Morley
Associate Stage ManagerEpongue Ekille
Assistant Stage ManagerAnna Gumberg

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