by Paul Rudnick

a senior project for Irene Casey, Maggie Ditre, and Spencer Klavan

James Avery is a firebrand in pre-World War II Texas. Ludwig is the heir to the throne of 19th-century Bavaria. While one attempts to seduce the prom queen (and king) and keep the long arm of the law at bay, the other dreams in Wagnerian opera and interviews a lineup of royal hopefuls to became his future queen. The two young men grow up in different centuries on opposite sides of the Atlantic, but in Valhalla by Paul Rudnick, they are united across time as they pursue beauty at all costs -- even if it drives them mad.

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March 27 at 8:00pm
March 28 at 8:00pm
March 29 at 2:00pm
March 29 at 8:00pm
@ Whitney Theater
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LudwigEric Sirakian
James AverySpencer Klavan
Henry Lee Stafford et al.Ben Symons
Queen Marie et al.Juliana Canfield
Sally Mortimer et al.Jessica Miller
Pfeiffer et al.Connor Lounsbury
Production Staff
DirectorIrene Casey
ProducerSteffina Yuli
Stage ManagerMelanie Borinstein
Set DesignerMaggie Ditre
Lighting DesignerEli Block
Sound DesignerGeorgia Smits
Sound DesignerBen Symons
Costume DesignerYanglin Cai
Graphic DesignerMelanie Borinstein
Technical DirectorMaggie Ditre
Master ElectricianEliza Robertson
Props MasterDonald Woodson
ChoreographerAren Vastola
Hair ArtistKane Palacios
DramaturgTess McCann
Assistant DirectorSabrina Bleich
Assistant Stage ManagerDaad Sharfi
Assistant Stage ManagerKane Palacios
Assistant Stage ManagerNick Friedlander
Assistant Technical DirectorHannah Friedman
Lights CrewHarry Shamansky
Lights CrewRoger Pellegrini
Lights CrewNikki Teran
Lights CrewAva Hunt
Lights CrewShannon Csorny
Sets CrewRobert Loweth
Sets CrewCharlotte Newell
General CrewJacob Neis
General CrewSkyler Ross