White History

by Dave Harris '16


Bonnie and Todd, a perfectly pleasant Bon Jovi listening, kale eating, free-range white couple move into a new house after a fire burned down their last home. On the second day of living there, a member of the KKK kicks in the front door believing Bonnie and Todd to be the Black couple who moved in next door. The KKK Man is heartbroken to find that Bonnie and Todd are not the couple he was looking for. Naturally, he is invited over for dinner. The KKK Man is surprised to learn that this new couple is colorblind. In fact, they don't even know that racism exists. A week later, Perry and Monica, the Black couple that moved in next door, come to a dinner party with Bonnie and Todd. And everything explodes.

White History is a play that examines the pressure of America's foundation and how we do and don't talk about race today. Moreso than ever, it has become crucial for us to reconsider the way history motivates our everyday lives. It's about damn time.
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March 31 at 8:00pm
April 1 at 8:00pm
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April 2 at 8:00pm
@ Yale Repertory Theater
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Production Staff
DirectorDave Harris
ProducerSabine Decatur
Stage ManagerYuni Chang
Technical DirectorJae Shin
Lighting DesignerRoger Pellegrini
Master ElectricianLucas Riccardi
Sound DesignerAlex Zhang
Set DesignerJessica Hernandez
Costume DesignerJessenia Khalyat
Props DesignerBrooke Lamell
Props DesignerGrace Alofe
Sound EngineerBobby Berry
Graphic DesignerLining Wang
DramaturgAshley Greaves
Assistant DirectorJill Carrera
Assistant ProducerErin Krebs
Assistant Stage ManagerAlexis Payne
Associate Technical DirectorKristine Sungyeon Chung
Sets CrewKatherine Whiting
Sets CrewCharlotte Newell
Sets CrewJackie Ferro
Sets CrewEllie Handler
Sets CrewNatalia Salinas
Sets CrewRyan Simpson
Lights CrewLaurel Lehman
Lights CrewDrake Goodson
Lights CrewEvan Smith
Lights CrewSara Speller
Lights CrewClio Byrne-Gudding
Lights CrewAlexander Mutuc
Lights CrewSara Harris
Lights CrewNgan Vu
Lights CrewOlivia Paschal
Lights CrewHarry Shamansky
General CrewJacob Rodriguez
Diction CoachEleanor Runde
Hair ArtistAviva Abusch
Sound CrewDeclan Kunkel
Sound CrewConnor Halleck-Dube
Sound CrewHarry Screen