by Peter Stone (music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards)

A Senior Project in Theater Studies for Sarah Chapin

Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone's musical masterpiece, 1776, chronicles the debate surrounding the writing of the Declaration of Independence during the sweltering summer of 1776. The story follows John Adams, the obnoxious and disliked gentleman from Massachusetts, who champions the cause of Independence in the face of overwhelming resistance.

Our rendition of 1776 will not stay rooted in history, but will reflect the world we live in today through a Brechtian and materialist feminist reinterpretation of the American musical. In doing so, we hope to confront the social relationships that exist in 2016 which mirror the historical tensions in 1776.

Time and place collide in this space to represent the America we know through the lens of the familiar American narrative we add our voices to. Join as we explore how these two time periods unfolding together onstage comment on how far we have come, how far we still have to go, and perhaps, how little has really changed.
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February 9 at 8:00pm
February 10 at 8:00pm
February 11 at 1:00pm
February 11 at 8:00pm
@ Whitney Theater
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John AdamsSarah Chapin
Benjamin FranklinShoshana Davidoff-Gore
Thomas JeffersonMatthew Pettus
John DickinsonChris Quazzo
Edward RutledgeDelilah Napier
John HancockKenyon Duncan
Abigail Adams/Josiah BartlettHaley Mitchell-Adams
Richard Henry Lee/Martha JeffersonLucy Tomasso
Courier/Jonathan WitherspoonTiffany Fomby
Roger ShermanSarah Householder
Robert LivingstonCami Arboles
Charles ThomsonErin Hebert
Lyman HallEmily Locke
James WilsonSen Huang
Stephen HopkinsJosh Young
Caesar Rodney/Leather ApronMichaela Murphy
Colonel Thomas McKeanDillon Miller
Andrew McNairLaurel Lehman
Samuel ChaseVivian Dang
George ReadNick Massoud
Lewis MorrisDanielle Derlein
Joseph HewesNathan Murphy
Production Staff
DirectorKatie Kirk
ProducerGrace Shu
Stage ManagerElle Buellesbach
Musical DirectorScott Feiner
Orchestral DirectorCharlie Romano
DramaturgMia Fowler
Assistant DramaturgAlexis Payne
Technical DirectorMichelle Lapadula
Associate Technical DirectorKevin Sullivan
Set DesignerKristine Sungyeon Chung
Paint ChargeElizabeth Kitt
Master ElectricianVarun Sah
Lighting DesignerGabrielle Roberts
Costume DesignerDanny Smooke
Props DesignerBianka Ukleja
Sound DesignerSheiran Phu
ChoreographerEliza Dach
Graphic DesignerMert Dilek
Makeup ArtistJessica Magro
Hair ArtistAviva Abusch
Assistant Lighting DesignerNgan Vu
Assistant ProducerKatherine Lin
Sets CrewCheryl Mai
MusicianEli Baum
MusicianAshna Gupta
MusicianSarah Siegel
MusicianBrian Cashin
MusicianKatherine Soderberg
MusicianLuke Emmoth
MusicianNeche Veyssal
MusicianLaura Street
MusicianJake Houston
MusicianAbigail Cipparone
MusicianDerek Boyer
MusicianJulia Weiner
MusicianBradford Case
MusicianCaleb Dean
MusicianHan Zhang