About the YDC

The Yale Drama Coalition (YDC) was founded in 1999 to foster a union of student voices impassioned by theater at Yale. The YDC seeks to foster communication and collaboration within the undergraduate theater community and provides guidance and resources for theatrical productions. The YDC Board is actively engaged in advocating for the needs of the theater community to the Yale administration, in addition to creating programming and events to enrich the theatrical life on campus. The organization has an open membership and welcomes input and participation from all interested Yale students. Roughly 650 undergraduates will be actively involved with YDC activities each year.
For more information, please read our full constitution

How to use the YDC Site!

  • You'll be asked to login through CAS and make an account on this site. It's easy and prefilled. Do it.
  • We'll suggest names similar to yours, if they are you, let us know!
  • All your reservations, auditions, and shows now live in My Dashboard
  • List a new show from your dashboard

CAS Authentication

We're using CAS authentication on the YDC site - youuse the login you already use for all your other Yale accounts.

My Dashboard

Your dashboard is your new account space on YDC, accessible from the top right corner of the page. From your dashboard you can access:

  • Reservations you've made while logged in.
  • Auditions you've scheduled.
  • Shows that you have permission to manage.

We encourage you to login before you make ticket reservations or scheduling to audition for a show, so that those events all show up in your dashboard!

Show Dashboard

From a show's dashboard you can:

  • List cast/crew and other show information.
  • Manage auditions.
  • Manage reservations, including being able to check people into your show electronically by simply clicking on their names.
  • Manage permissions, which give people working on your show different levels of access to the show’s dashboard.
  • Customize the order in which your cast and prod staff are listed.
  • Preview what your show will look like on our site before publishing it.
  • See files you've uploaded, add more, or remove existing ones
  • Integrate a Flickr gallery with photos from your show. These will show on your site and allow future generations to see photos of your show.
In summary, everything about your show, is on its dashboard

Show Pages

You’ll notice that show pages now have a different look and feel, including accent colors, associate positions, and a reservation widget built right in. We hope these new features will make your show an even greater success, and they can all be managed through the Show Dashboard.


Where do I sign up for the weekly newsletter?

Every week the YDC sends out a newsletter to update you on the theater scene at Yale - it's the go-to place for all there is to know about undergraduate theater: auditions, tech info, and special workshops! There are two ways you can join or list:

  • Send a message to our current secretary, Aviva Abusch. She'd love to hear from you!
  • Add yourself! Navigate to your Yale Subscription Management page, click Undergraduate Organizations, Performance, and then find us under "Drama Coalition, Yale: An Undergrad. Organization"
    It's super-easy: we promise!

Do I need to use my CAS login?

In order to manage a show page and/or your YDC profile, you must login with your CAS credentials. Trust us, things will be a whole lot easier this way. It will also expedite the process of signing up for audition slots and reserving tickets for shows, as the YDC site will remember your information.

Help! When I look at my bio it is missing a bunch of shows!

Don't worry! You probably accidentally ended up with multiple bio-pages accidentally. To re-assure yourself go ahead and search for your name in the search bar above. Look! You're there multiple times!

To fix this navigate to your dashboard, and click the link on the left hand side to request names that are "similar to yours." Stay calm and wait, the requests can take a few days to process... but we'll have you linked up and running in no time!

I'm in charge of a show... does it belong on your site?

The short answer is that most undergraduate theater, dance, and improv shows can be listed on our site. For the official policies (or if you don't fall into one of those categories and would like to know what's appropriate), click here. The Yale Drama Coalition reserves the right to refuse listing for any show at their discretion.

YDC Executive Board 2017:

Board Members

Help with Yale Theater

Yale Theater How-tos

The articles below are meant to help you accomplish your theatrical goals; written by upperclassmen and alums who've held these positions on many productions. They are not perfect documents, but should serve as useful guides as you embark on a new theatrical journey.

Other Resources

Theater Studies Information

Introduction (from the Theater Studies website):
As a major within the humanities and as a complex cultural practice, theater claims a rich history and literature and an equally rich repertoire of embodied knowledge and theory. Theater Studies emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between practice and scholarly study. The content of required courses in the major is almost equally divided between theory and practice. Students are encouraged to engage intellectual and physical approaches to explore diverse cultural forms, historical traditions, and contemporary life.

The study of theater is interdisciplinary in scope and global in perspective. Students are expected to take courses also in cognate disciplines such as history, philosophy, anthropology, political science, film, art, music, literature, and foreign languages. Faculty members are affiliated with a range of departments and programs; their diverse expertise lends breadth and depth to course offerings and enables students to devise a course of study reflective of their developing interests.

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